Corporate Social Responsibility


Reducing energy use and deploying renewable energy solutions

Across the globe, Pentair employees have rallied around Energy Treasure Hunts in which teams go into manufacturing facilities and identify all energy consuming devices that could be reduced or eliminated. 

Reynosa, Mexico

A recent Energy Treasure Hunt at Reynosa Water identified an opportunity to lower the use of high cost electricity by generating Pentair’s own electricity using natural gas. To accomplish this, the site installed two new generators to convert natural gas to electricity, as well as two new chillers to increase cooling capacity—using an alternative energy source. In addition, Reynosa utilizes the first wind turbine to be installed at a manufacturing site in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico to optimize site energy use.

Pisa, Italy

The 4,110 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of Pentair’s Pisa manufacturing site generate electrical power by converting sunlight into direct current electricity using semiconductors.  Not only has it reduced energy costs, but it allows the plant to manufacture all products using 100 percent renewable energy. The plant consumes only 84 percent of the energy it generates, allowing the excess electricity to be sold back into the power grid, providing clean, renewable energy for the city.

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