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Pentair imagines a future where wastewater is no longer a problem to be disposed of, but instead a precious resource stream to be reused and returned safely to the environment. Through our own technologies and innovation, we implement this strategy at our operations worldwide.

Suzhou, China

As one of our largest manufacturing facilities, Pentair’s plant in Suzhou previously used ~6.3 million gallons of water a year. In 2012, our team implemented a water reuse program that achieved ~35 percent reduction in water use, saving ~2.25 million gallons of water each year. This initiative included the reuse of lab water that is used to test product performance, and installation of a membrane bioreactor system to return high quality water safely back to the environment.

Enschede, The Netherlands

Manufacturing in Pentair’s facility in Enschede previously produced ~159,000 gallons of waste water per day. In 2013, a team of Pentair experts designed and installed a water reuse system that separates industrial wastewater into two high value resources: a chemical solvent used in manufacturing and water for reuse in the facility. The result is a daily savings of ~105,000 gallons of water.

Wisconsin, United States

At Flow Technologies headquarters in Delavan, Wisconsin, Pentair designed a way to use our own water at the facility more efficiently. Today, after applying our own engineering expertise and creative use of Pentair products, conservative calculations indicate that more than seven million gallons of potable water will be saved annually.

Texas, United States

Pentair Porous Media in Conroe, Texas designs and manufactures advanced technologies for the high performance separation of liquids, solids and gases. The plant uses approximately 12 million gallons of water per year, primarily on the manufacturing floor to cool equipment. Previously, the water would pass through the equipment, pick up heat from the machine and be discharged to drain. Pentair created a new closed loop system, where the water is sent through a chiller and then sent back to the piece of machinery to be used again to cool the equipment. The new recycling system saves 3,900,000 gallons of water per year. Phase two of the project will include reusing water from a current process by filtering, treating and using it again; saving an additional 2.5 million gallons of water annually and reducing overall water usage by nearly 50 percent.

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