Impact Stories

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Strategic water focus in East Africa

The Project

Pentair and Action Against Hunger have teamed up to provide access to clean, safe water to thousands in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through this partnership, Pentair has provided Action Against Hunger with in-kind resources, expertise, services and dollars to support long-term water projects jointly vetted and approved by both organizations.  In 2013 and 2014 this project involves working in the health zone of Minova in South Kivu. This is a cholera-endemic area experiencing considerable population movement due to conflicts in North Kivu and the highlands of the Kalehe Territory. Poor health and sanitation infrastructures and lack of access to clean water are forcing local communities to drink contaminated water from Lake Kivu and small rivers, resulting in increased health risks.

The Solution

This initiative increases sustainable access to clean water, thereby reducing the risk and incidence of waterborne diseases such as cholera in two target health areas inside the larger Minova health zone. The proposed intervention targets the villages of Buhumba and Chebumba and is designed to support the population’s water needs as they increase over the next 25 years. The project includes the construction of two gravity-fed water systems and the formation, training and equipping of two water management committees.  Action Against Hunger and Pentair will continue to work together to build a strategy focused on water, sanitation and hygiene activities that encompasses a broader scope toward nutrition, food and agriculture in East Africa.