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Fifty Years of Winning Right

For five decades, Pentair has provided customers with quality products and solutions, striving to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world.

On July 6, 1966, five men intent on manufacturing high-altitude balloons founded a company in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, that they called Pentair, the Greek “penta” for the five founders, and “air” for the products they planned to produce.

Pentair diversified quickly, venturing into industries ranging from plastic canoe manufacturing to computer software, from leather footwear to meat rendering, before acquiring a series of paper mills that would serve as the company’s core for nearly two decades. 

Known for a  willingness to enter new industries and an ability to find operating efficiencies, Pentair for a time also made woodworking machinery, ammunition and power tools.  

Today, five decades later, our 30,000 employees design, manufacture and market industrial products sold on six continents. Driven by a dedication to improving people’s lives around the world, our products help customers produce more food, energy and efficiencies from each drop of water, while protecting people and the environment.

Our people, our processes, and our Win Right values have been at the core of our growth, serving as the thread that links our past with our future.  So as we mark our 50th anniversary, and look to the future and our vision of becoming the next great industrial company, we stand ready to honor the past, embrace change, and seize opportunities.  We are confident that in our second half century, we will continue to thrive.  It’s our legacy.

Video: Pentair’s Four CEOs reflect on our Win Right Values

50 Years of Winning Right