Oil and Gas


Oil & Gas

Better Energy Solutions for a demanding world

Pentair continues to serve the energy needs of our growing planet through technologies that help keep oil and gas operations efficient, safe, and reliable while helping to protect the environment.

Protect Assets

Pentair’s enclosures and cooling technologies help protect facilities and equipment against harsh environments. Pentair offers systems that detect leaks, enclose critical controls, and cool equipment.

manage flow

Engineered for effective fluid management, Pentair's systems perform in hazardous and demanding environments, from cryogenic to extremely high temperatures. Offerings include high-performance pumps, filtration and separation products.

maximum efficiency

As world demand continues to grow, Pentair helps keep your systems at top production levels with a complete range of continuous emission monitoring, particulate-opacity monitoring, combustion control, process analysis and control, cross-stack gas analysis and portable gas equipment solutions.

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By combining our expertise with proven technology from some of the world's most trusted brands, Pentair helps customers make their upstream, midstream and downstream processes safe, efficient and environmentally responsible.


Supporting the entire upstream supply chain from seabed to shore. Onshore and offshore, upstream operations demand exceptional safety and performane. In the industry's most extreme applications, sucess requires advanced technologies, experience and a global support infrastructure.


Supporting the entire midstream supply chain from production to the pipeline. Severe service, large diameters and high-pressure applications present challenges to many midstream oil and gas operations. In addition, every undertaking, should reduce costs, improve performance and ensure that environment, health and safety priorities are achieved.


Supporting all refining units from the distillation column to tank farms. Refineries succeeding in today's marketplace are those dedicated to building their capabilities and imporiving their efficiencies. Evolving markets necessitate upgrades, retrofits, expansions and new construction. Environment, health and safety priorities are critical and performance demands are high.

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