Today, 1.5 billion people lack access to electricity. And in the next 15 years, world energy demand is expected to increase by more than a third. Pentair is developing solutions to help generate and deliver power more efficiently and safely, from all sources of energy, to more people than ever before.

Component Protection 

Pentair’s advanced thermal-management and communications and control solutions address both indoor and outdoor applications for longer-lasting, more reliable components and continuous operation. Products range from sub-station and control enclosures, to marshalling cabinets.


Renewables are the fastest growing type of fuel at 8 percent per year. Pentair is keeping pace with adaptable solutions that help keep power flowing, including electrical combiner boxes, custom enclosures that protect electrical transformation systems, and control enclosures that assist with solar thermal and tracking systems. With applications ranging from control systems located in the wind turbine nacelle, to power transformation and communications enclosures located in the tower base, the wind-power industry continues to expand globally, as developing countries seek carbon-neutral power sources.


From coal to natural gas fuels, fossil fuel power generation is the leading source of power around the globe. Pentair provides solutions to meet the most stringent code requirements and keep our customers power generation facilities running smoothly and safely.


Starting with the beginning of the nuclear power industry, Pentair has been a key partner in safe, clean and efficient nuclear power generation all around the globe.


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