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The global aquaculture industry is booming. Pentair is keeping pace with end-to-end solutions for filtration, circulation, treatment, and operation. 

Sustainable Farming

With oceans under unprecedented stress and global resources strained like never before, aquaculture is the new frontier. Aquaponics blends aquaculture and hydroponics to create a sustainable solution for private or industrial farming. Pentair's aquaponics equipment makes ecologically conscious urban fish culture management more cost-efficient.

Economics of Urban Farming

At Pentair, we are helping move the farm closer to the market. By finding more efficient uses of urban land and resources, aquaculture farms can reduce the impacts of transportation while still delivering fresh foods where they’re needed. We offer complete recirculating aquaculture systems for education, business, and research.

Water Management

Pentair's aquaculture equipment promotes sustainability with products that efficiently manage and reuse water without compromising productivity.

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