Chemical & Petrochemical


Through our fluid management expertise and customer collaboration, Pentair has helped to open new market opportunities and develop new chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes. 

Productive, Pure AND Profitable.

Because most chemical and petrochemical products are commodities, plant profitability is generally driven by operational efficiency, continuous operation, and quality. Pentair helps to improve your results for all three areas with a full range of fluid-management solutions, including sampling systems that allow for in-process quality testing, helping ensure both production consistency and final product integrity.

Dependable Flow

To increase process uptime, look to Pentair for dependable pumping and filtration solutions. We help ensure quality, filtered water and keep it flowing.

Safety and Sustainability

Our process systems deliver safety, quality, and reliability for customers who demand fluid purity. Approved by applicable international standards, our solutions fulfill the most stringent protection requirements, including United States EPA regulations, European TALuft standards, and global ISO.

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