Telecommunications and Networks


Telecommunications & Networks


People around the globe depend on communications every day. And the data they generate doubles nearly every three years. Pentair helps keep data networking and telecommunications systems up and running, staying in step with data storage growth and anticipating future IT infrastructure requirements.

Equipment Protection

Pentair develops standards-based, modified, and custom-built enclosures to protect critical systems. From cleanroom to factory floor, Pentair's enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion, and other contaminants to maximize service life.

Cooling Technologies

Pentair's cooling technologies for electrical and electronic components increase performance reliability, extend component life, and reduce overheating and maintenance. Pentair offers air conditioners, fan assemblies, thermoelectric coolers, heat exchangers, and more.

Meeting Future Needs 

Pentair designs its products to be compatible with present components and scalable for future ones. Pentair's server, communication and networking cabinets; control and monitoring systems; and cooling technologies are modular and customizable to allow you to expand service and infrastructure capabilities as needed, quickly and seamlessly.

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