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Pentair Solutions for the Home

Pentair's energy-efficient water treatment and filtration products, residential water systems, and specialized heat management systems blend convenience and conservation.

Comfort and Protection at Home

Pentair helps make life at home safer, easier and more comfortable. We're the first name in water softening products that can extend the life of appliances and make every day more comfortable. Our capabilities also extend to safe drinking water, well tank solutions, pools and spas, heated floor technology, flood protection, and more.

Clean Water on Demand

There are now more than 2.5 billion people without an improved sanitation facility. Pentair is working hard to deliver clean, safe water where and when it's needed with dispensers, purifiers and filtration technology. 

Energy-efficient Recreation

Pentair is at the vanguard of pool management, and we also provide products for marine and RV applications. Pentair's high-performance, pumps, filters, cleaners, heaters, lights, and automation systems make for a user-friendly — and earth-friendly — experience.

Solutions for your home

From water treatment products that condition, filter and purify your water, to energy-efficient systems that ensure your water pressure is just right, our residential solutions are making a difference in homes around the globe.

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