Oil & Gas Separation Systems

Better Fluid Quality

When fluid purity is critical, turn to Pentair for efficient, consistent separation technology. Our technologies for separation of liquids, solids, and gases help solve separation and extraction issues for many industries, including oil and gas, refining, produced water, chemical, and power generation.

Optimize Performance and Reduce Repairs

Particulate and moisture contamination is associated with wear and premature component failures. Ensuring fluid quality and equipment reliability reduces equipment repairs and expenses.

Whether your optimization or purification needs require liquid/liquid, solid/liquid, gas/liquid, solid/gas or extraction separations, our portfolio of technologies offers solutions for your application. Maximize production time and operational flexibility while lowering costs through our range of separation media.

Advancing the Science of Separation

Since 1987 STAR Laboratories has been providing critical technical support in analytical service, application evaluation, product development, and testing, as well as technology innovation and research. Equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments and advanced testing systems, and staffed with PhD scientists and engineers, we are constantly innovating and creating unmatched value for our clients.

Produced Water

Pentair offers compact, robust treatment alternatives to conventional technologies with minimal operational intervention and sustained effluent quality. Prevent environmental discharge upsets, and stop disposal occlusion and formation production due to contaminated water injection.


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High-performance separation, extraction, and filtration technologies are critical to the booming oil and gas industry. Pentair offers solutions for purer, more efficient production and processing.

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